Pentacle Pendant

Pentacle Pendant

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The pentacle is the ultimate symbol of protection and also symbolizes the four quadrants: the North, South, East, and West, and the Elements: the Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and the Spirit. The round encasing represents the unity of all quadrants and elements, and the wholeness of your love for Nature. 

A pentacle as a pendant can be used as a talisman. Hold on to it when you are feeling weak, scared, or doubtful. 

  • When you're not sure whether you can do what needs to be done, hold on to your pentacle. 
  • When you are afraid of the outcome of certain things, hold on to your pentacle.
  • When you do not know which direction to take, hold on to your pentacle and let it guide you.
  • When you are overwhelmed by all the negativity around you, take a break and hold on to your pentacle. 

( made with LOVE & Repurposed materials )